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Upon moving to Brentwood from Southern California in 2016, Irene became immersed in the lively local art community.  As a dedicated member of the Art Guild of the Delta, her acrylic paintings and pour paintings have been showcased at the Delta Art Gallery in Brentwood and the Brentwood Community Center.   She participated in the 2017 Brentwood City “BannerUp” event, where her landscape banner was displayed outdoors in downtown Brentwood for several months and subsequently auctioned for charity.

Her interest in contemporary art inspired her to engage in acrylic pour painting.  Her work soon gained enthusiastic support from fellow artists, friends, and family.  These paintings incorporate vibrant colors, graceful movements, layers, and cell-like structures that express depth, sophistication and abstraction.   Each unique piece originates from thoughtful color combinations, experimentation, adept paint flow techniques, and natural unrestrained randomness.  Epoxy resin coatings applied to each finished piece enhance their clarity and brightness.

Irene also creates a line of jewelry items that feature miniaturized pour paintings; no two are alike.

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