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Originally from Hong Kong, Irene Hardy has lived in California since 1979.  Upon moving to Brentwood, California from Newport Beach in 2016, Irene became immersed in the lively local art community.

Prior to that, she spent much of her career in software development.  In 1998, she completed a curriculum at the University of California, Irvine, in website design and digital art.

From that training and her blossoming abilities in computer graphics, she co-founded a successful website development company in Irvine, California where she served as the creative director for 20 years.  In that role, she demonstrated a remarkable ability to create unique and innovative graphical designs for commercial websites.


Since moving to the Bay Area, she has been able to redirect her artistic talents towards the creation of abstract paintings working in the medium of motion-based acrylic fluid art.  As a dedicated member of the Art Guild of the Delta, her acrylic fluid paintings have been showcased at the Delta Art Gallery in seven consecutive exhibitions.  Her paintings have been continuously exhibited at the Studio Seven Gallery in Pleasanton, CA, since 2018 and her paintings became available at the Studio One Gallery in Petaluma, CA in 2019.  The ArtWorks Downtown in San Rafael recently exhibited her work at the Coastal Exhibition and The Expressions Gallery in Berkeley, CA is currently exhibiting her paintings at their Across the Universe show.   Her artistic inspirations originate from her love of abstract art and contemporary decor.


She participated in the 2017 and 2018 Brentwood City “BannerUp” events, where her Mount Diablo landscape and Zinfandel grape banners were publicly displayed outdoors in downtown Brentwood for several months and subsequently auctioned for charity.


In addition to paintings, she developed a line of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that feature miniature fluid acrylic designs.


My interest in contemporary art inspired me to engage in motion-based acrylic fluid painting.  This is a painting technique where multiple colored acrylic paints are mixed with a pouring medium, poured onto a surface, and manipulated in a variety of ways to create a unique art form.  My paintings incorporate vibrant colors, graceful movements, layers, and cell-like structures that express depth, sophistication and abstraction.   Each unique piece originates from thoughtful color combinations, experimentation, adept paint flow techniques, and natural unrestrained randomness.  My completed pieces have high gloss resin or varnish coatings applied to enhance color clarity and brightness.



Expressions Gallery, Across the Universe Exhibition, 2019, Berkeley, CA

Art Works Downtown, Coastal Exhibition, 2019, San Rafael, CA

Studio One Gallery, 2019, Petaluma, CA


Studio Seven Arts, 2018-Present, Pleasanton, CA

Delta Gallery. 2019, Spring Show, Brentwood, CA


Delta Gallery. 2019, Winter Show, Brentwood, CA

Delta Gallery. 2018, Fall Show, Brentwood, CA

Delta Gallery. 2018, Summer Show, Brentwood, CA

Delta Gallery. 2018, Spring Show, Brentwood, CA

Delta Gallery. 2018, Winter Show, Brentwood, CA

Delta Gallery. 2017, Fall Show, Brentwood, CA

City of Brentwood “Banner Up”, 2018, Brentwood, CA

City of Brentwood “Banner Up”, 2018, Brentwood, CA

Art Guild of the Delta, November 2018, Brentwood, CA

Brentwood Community Center, November 2017, Brentwood, CA

Studio Seven Arts, Pleasanton, CA

Delta Gallery, Brentwood, CA

Studio Seven Arts, Pleasanton, CA

Delta Gallery, Brentwood, CA